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Atlanta-based DJ Eu has become one of Atlanta’s most in demand DJ > talents. his brand has taken him to worldwide recognized festivals, Tomorrowworld, Tomorrowland, and One Music Fest. Checking off cities in New York, Miami, Paris, Cannes, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile and many more.

If you want him you can find him in the “A” Atlanta, DJ Eu’s resident city where his weekly and monthly residencies include top venue voted jezebel’s best night club Tongue and Groove. you may also find him at Kookoo Room, Opera Nightclub, District, and more. DJ Eu is a mixer on Atlanta’s radio station Power 96.1 and the official DJ for
Atlanta’s MLS team, Atlanta United FC.

Voted Atlanta’s best DJ by Jezebel Magazine in 2018. DJ Eu is considered #1 party rocker, winning the Red Bull Thre3style qualifier in 2013. His eclectic method of mixing genres from electronic to hip hop to latin music, has given him the respect and recognition by this city and the southeast.

His creative process is unique, whether you are listening to a live set or a mix in your car. DJ Eu will always leave you wanting more.

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