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Jake Silva (a.k.a Jake Barroca) is a House- Music DJ/ Producer based out of New York City.  

Jake’s high quality productions have earned him recognition on major labels. Recently, he has signed his music to Spinnin Records, Mentalo, Revealed, Procol, Soave, Controversia, Loudkult, Black Hole Recordings, and many more to come. As a social-media persona, Jake Silva has brought the energy to become “one of the hottest prospects in the house music industry.” Jake Silva is very passionate and consistent with his content creation and loves to engage with his fans. 

As a producer, Jake Silva’a Spotify catalogue has grown in astronomical numbers with his new track “Bad” reaching 55k plays in just one week and four editorial playlists. Jake Silva has been collaborating with well known producers in the industy including Marco Nobel, Wave Wave, Amari, Alfred Beck, Sirona, Delayz, Jonah Oslah, Frankie Sims, and many more to come. As a DJ, Jake has performed at Manhattan’s most popular night clubs and festivals including Governors Ball, Marquee, Lavo, SWNW, Sony Hall, and Nebula just to name a few. Most notably he has supported major artists like Claptone, Sigala, Nicky Romero, R3hab, Quintino, Dzeko, Topic, etc. Jake has a huge summer ahead of him with many gigs scheduled across the United States. Jake Silva is determined to make a mark on the music industry and be on the lookout for his brand new music

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