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Only a native New Yorker could burst onto the competitive music scene with electrifying energy like DJ Price. A man of many hats, he is a recording artist, producer, DJ, clothing brand owner, and professional party king connoisseur.

Price got his start by spending countless hours in his bedroom blending his record collection, mashing up beats with funk and rock records on two turntables. He quickly became a fixture in New York’s elite club scene, playing music for countless celebrities from Jay Z to Leonardo Dicaprio, Drake, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Uma Thurman, and Gwyneth Paltrow. He has held residencies at New York City institutions such as 1OAK, SL, No.8 and Avenue, and has played around the country in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Balancing high-energy party music with equal parts influence from rock, indie, electro, disco, and even hip hop, Price stays true to himself while carving out a lane of his own.

When he’s not touring the country, Price spends countless hours working on his successful independent clothing label Reason and their two New York retail stores.

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