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The Jason Experience

THE JASON EXPERIENCE, born Jason Levy,  is a nightlife icon and consummate party professional.

What started as an unassuming night out in New York City with friends quickly transformed into a watershed professional moment for Jason. After connecting with a promoter, he realized his innate ability to energize and mobilize regular rooms into memorable parties, while also tapping into his knack for  entrepreneurialism. Soon after, “The Jason Experience” was born. 

Jason set out to do something different from the start. He saw other promoters try and fail, and realized what they were missing — a brand presence and long-term vision. Instead of focusing on small nightly wins, Jason invested time and money into building a team. Instead of quick marketing gimmicks to bring people to the clubs, Jason opted to cultivate an identity that people could truly connect with over time, one that would evolve into a lasting legacy. He also wanted to break through the negative stigmas surrounding the nightlife industry and realized this would take true dedication and commitment. 

Fast-forward five years, and The Jason Experience has seen many milestones. Building parties from scratch with unparalleled attention to detail, TJE is a one-stop shop, serving as the engineer, talent buyer, event producer, promoter, and brand marketer. The Jason Experience creates weekly parties with carefully selected DJs, top tier artist talent, and an unstoppable promotional backbone. Anyone who has attended a TJE event knows to `expect the unexpected’.  TJE has curated events with top tier talent such as Travis Scott, Fetty Wap, and French Montana, while also building their own recurring branded parties like Champagne Thursdays, the annual Bikini Yacht Party, Pajama Fest, and their signature winter holiday event. Whether it be selling out tables at a nightclub or packing out ticketed one-off events, The Jason Experience constantly demonstrates proof of concept because of its genuine fanbase who consistently buys into the “movement” that TJE has created.

In 2018, TJE launched “Industry Talk”, a podcast radio show that shines a never-before-seen light on the nightlife industry. Jason felt that there was a big disconnect between public perceptions about the nightlife industry and its realities experienced by nightlife professionals behind-the-scenes. He made it his mission to begin changing stereotypes about the industry through this new media outlet, and quickly saw great traction. Following the success of “Industry Talk”, TJE launched a live radio show on 95.9 FM called “Non-Fiction Radio”. Soon after, the show was picked up by The Funktion House. Industry Talk Season 2 featured interviews with nightlife heavyweights such as Funk Flex, DJ Camilo, and DJ Enuff.

Looking forward into 2020, Jason continues to grow his legacy by lending his personality to host blockbuster events and bringing The Jason Experience movement to other major markets throughout the United States and beyond.

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