Music Curation

Who We Are

4AM is a multi-pronged creative agency based in New York City, servicing clients all around the world since 2010. We connect the dots between musical artists, event producers, and corporate brand partners.

We take a three-tiered approach to our services, offering artist management, event production + talent booking, and music consulting.

Our Services

As an embodiment of cultural influencers and musical tastemakers, 4AM has been trusted to lend its services in music consulting for brands leading the way in their respective industries.

These services include creative consulting, playlist curation, DJ mix recording, and beyond. Our expertise is “vibe dining” for restaurant groups and mood-setting for nightlife and fitness franchises.

4AM is responsible for curating the aural experience for brands such as:


The 4AM talent network is comprised of the most dynamic DJs in the industry, with years of live performance experience, diverse musical knowledge, and magnetic stage presence. Our talent has touched all areas of the globe to meet the needs of a wide scope of clientele in the hospitality and nightlife space. They are true tastemakers with unparalleled song selection, making them a perfect match for brands looking to elevate their customized music program.

Our Promise

Music that matches a brand’s persona has been proven to lift sales by over 9%. Whether you realize it or not, the music being played within the space affects customers’ loyalty to your brand. 4AM will help you reinvigorate your brand presence through a robust, custom music consultation and programming.

Our personalized plan will:

  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors
  • Deepen loyalty between your brand and your customers
  • Improve mood and energy levels of your staff, which leads to improved productivity and customer interaction