Music Curation

Music that matches a brand’s persona has been proven to lift sales by over 9%.

4AM is proud to translate our dynamic interactive DJ sets into custom commissioned playlists or mixes for your event or venue. We will match you with one of our music consultants, who will ultimately deliver high quality playlists or mixes in advance of your event — all you need to do is plug in and play. We also offer ongoing services specializing in the fitness, retail, and hospitality industries, for corporate clients looking for longer-term solutions for music.

Our Services

Royalty-Free Music Library Access with Custom Playlisting

One-time or Recurring Custom Playlists or Multi-Hour Mixes

Our Personalized Plan

  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors
  • Deepen loyalty between your brand and your customers
  • Alleviate time and stress

Our Clients

As an embodiment of cultural influencers and musical tastemakers, 4AM has been trusted to lend its services in music consulting for brands leading the way in their respective industries. Our expertise is “vibe dining” for restaurant groups and mood-setting for nightlife and fitness franchises.

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