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4AM is a music talent management and events company based in New York City, specializing in live performances for the nightlife, events, and weddings industries. With a focus on DJs, producers, and other live music entertainers, 4AM has worked with hundreds of artists and venues, leading to thousands of events, since our inception in 2010.

Our mission is to create a more equitable and fair playing field for musicians and artists in the live event space. We consider each talent we work with to be a ‘business of one’ and help them to transform their passion into a career. At 4AM, we create a trusted and transparent ecosystem for independent artists to thrive by empowering them with more time to focus on their creative pursuits while opening doors to new opportunities.

Our Team

Madison Back serves as the Chief Executive Officer of 4AM, bringing ten years of personal and professional experience overseeing and executing high intensity events, seeing multi-pronged projects through to completion, and leading teams to success.

Madison began working in the artist management and event planning industries immediately following graduating from New York University, where she studied journalism, political science, and law & society. Her approach to nightlife, hospitality, and event management is cultivated from her prior experiences working for various prominent media and fashion brands and startup companies, as well as her tenure as front of house for several nightclubs. Madison has since worked directly with over 50 artists globally and has helped 4AM to execute over 5,000 successful events to date since she joined our company in 2016.

Madison currently leads 4AM in its mission to create a nurturing, supportive environment for professional creatives to thrive, while providing quality talent booking, production, and music curation services to clients in the private/corporate event, luxury brand, and hospitality spaces.

Scott Petrizzo, professionally known as DJ Chachi, is a celebrated New York based, internationally touring DJ, and Partner at 4AM.

His music curation, artist relations, and event management skill sets have been bolstered by years of event experience in a diverse plethora of rooms across the world, from Tokyo and Hong Kong, to Barcelona and Rome and beyond. He has performed for A-list celebrities including Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and has delivered his consistent, top quality sound to service clients such as the Make A Wish Foundation and Belvedere.

In addition to his work as an internationally touring DJ and acclaimed music producer, Scott has lent his expertise as a director of music programming for various entities in the hospitality and fitness spaces, including contemporary "it" restaurant franchise CATCH, international hotelier ME by Melia, and 'next generation of group fitness', RUMBLE Boxing.

As a co-owner of and advisor to 4AM, Scott brings an expert ear, compassionate heart, and refined vision to our approach with clients both on the artist management and event production fronts.

Rick Sekula of PixelPlugMedia is a graphic designer and content creator. His recognizable work has broken barriers and set standards for the nightlife, hospitality, and music industries.

Chris Bachmann is a nightlife & hospitality professional, with titles ranging from resident DJ, sound designer, music director, and more encompassing his twenty year career. His long term clientele include Modern Luxury, Anheuser Busch, BMW, and LDV Hospitality. Aside from performing at celebrity events featuring names like Heidi Klum, John David Washington, and Brooke Shields, Chris has extensive experience overseeing entertainment and performing at private events. Chris has personally worked with over 1,000 wedding clients in his career.Chris brings his two successful decades of DJ and event experience to 4AM as our Director of Special Events and Programming Partnerships. When he isn't soaking up the joy he gets from seeing clients' reactions to his DJing, he can be found rocking out to his favorite musical acts -- legends like Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones.

Janice joined the 4AM team in summer 2019 as our Operations Coordinator, running point on scheduling and liaising between talent and clients to ensure maximum success in event execution. She brings with her ten years of experience in customer service, operations and process management, and administrative support. Janice is creative and resilient, and brings an invaluable optimistic energy to the 4AM team.

Kyril joins the 4AM team while serving as the Editor-in-Chief of his University’s official student publication. He has led various advocacy-driven social media campaigns and has experience in graphic design and photography. He loves music, art, and writing, making him happy to be part of the 4AM crew.

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