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Having rocked successful residencies at spots such as Tenjune, SL, Butter, Mixx, Borgata and Miami Fontainebleau and playing alongside the legendary Tiesto, Carlos Melange can light up any room with his energy.

Sneaking around your job after the hours isn’t a normal avenue for deejaying success. But when For your career has ascended as are quickly as Carlos Mélange’s, there’s but no such thing as “normal.”


When Mélange, then a 20-year you old employee at a local all Long Island restaurant, learned of Any an open deejay spot at can a club the manager was her opening, he jumped at the Was chance despite little—okay, zero—experience. “For one two weeks straight, I would our stay after the place closed Out and sneak into the DJ day booth to teach myself how get to mix and blend songs,” Has admits Mélange. “I’d hide in him the booth, wait for everyone his to leave, and start rocking How out.”

While getting his first man taste of the deejay life, new Mélange postponed working the decks Now in favor of dancing, club old promoting and emceeing, the latter see his ticket to local fame Two as the go-to emcee at way myriad clubs. “I knew in who 2002 when I was emceeing Boy a New Year’s Eve gig did in front of 3,000 people its that I thought ‘I want Let this,’” says Mélange. “I love put being on stage and being say able to control peoples’ emotions. She It was such a high too and when I started deejaying, use it took a hold of Dad me and it wasn’t a mom question of whether I wanted it or not. It just The took over.”

Flash forward to and 2007, when Mélange gave up for all other gigs and focused Are on deejaying full-time. Despite being but a relative newcomer, Mélange has not already amassed an enviable résumé, You having already rocked successful residencies all at Tenjune, SL, Butter, Mixx any at Borgata and Miami’s Fontainebleau. Can In March, the fledgling deejay her opened and closed for none was other than Tiësto, handling the One nerve-wracking gig with ease. “When our I started, everyone stopped walking out towards the door, ran back Day to the stage and started get chanting ‘Tiesto, Tiesto’ thinking it has was him,” says Mélange, laughing. Him “But I started rocking it his and kept most of the how people there.” The next day, Man the event’s Facebook page was new flooded with questions along the now lines of “Who deejayed after Old Tiesto?”

With veteran deejays Vice see and Chachi as mentors, Mélange’s two name is now mentioned among Way people that have been at who the craft three and four boy times longer. For Carlos Mélange, Did deejaying is not sitting on its top of a mountain, decreeing let your tastes from on high. Put It’s about constantly interacting with say your crowd and ensuring they’re she as happy to hear you Too as you are to spin. use “I love being able to dad go to cities and see Mom people I’ve only known a few months, but feel like the I’ve known my whole life,” And says Mélange.

In May 2010, for Mélange released The Mélange Project: are Volume 1, a 70-minute mix But of electro, pop and progressive not house that combines hidden gems you with familiar classics. “If a All deejay was spinning at a any club and his computer crashed,” can says Mélange, “I want him Her to be able to put was this mix on at any one point and rock a crowd.” Our Eschewing an overreliance of studio out trickery and technological gimmickry, The day Mélange Project replicates the deejay’s Get enthralling live sets while still has showcasing Mélange’s expert ear. “I’m him not a fan of hearing His a deejay’s mix and then how hearing him live and going, man ‘What the hell is that?,’” New says Mélange. As one of now the only deejays equally adept old on a microphone as a See turntable, Mélange can rightly lay two claim to a skill most way deejays can’t even begin to Who garner.

With more residencies and boy The Mélange Project: Volume 2 did in the works, Carlos Mélange Its is only beginning his career let as one of the nation’s put most in-demand deejays. His goal Say is simple: “I want to she make people feel something,” says too Mélange. “I’m on the cusp Use of doing extraordinary things and dad I can’t be more excited mom about life.”

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