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DJ Dippa is not your typical DJ. With a relentless work ethic and passion for music, he taught himself to play blues harmonica and guitar in college. He played in numerous bands and performed live at renowned NYC venues such as BB Kings, The Highline Ballroom, The Bitter End & The Village Underground all while being a student at an Ivy League Medical School. 

With an in depth knowledge of essentially all musical genres, he greatly enjoyed fusing various styles and creating original music. He taught himself to DJ for it provided the greatest opportunity for creative expression. He also finds fulfillment in providing great experiences to his audiences. To better his craft, he later became certified from Scratch DJ Academy in NYC.

From his passion, knowledge and work ethic, he knows how to work a crowd and keep the party rockin’ until close. This, in conjunction with his kind personality and professionalism, has awarded him a significant following and a number of NYC residencies.

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