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DJ/violin duo The Dolls, aka Club Soda, aka Mia Moretti + Margot, have a decade of musical marriage under their knee-highs.

As The Dolls, the duo have curated performances inside The Louvre, The Guggenheim, The National Portrait Gallery, The Glass House & Walt Disney Concert Hall, opened for Ms. ‪Diana Ross‬, ‪Stevie Wonder‬ and ‪Janet Jackson‬, toured with pop icon ‪Katy Perry‬ and hip hop’s legendary Eve, all while bringing their distinctive sound and mood to downtown New York.

From runway mixes to fashion afterparties, music festivals and curated sound installations, the duo continue to carve out a unique space bridging Margot’s orchestral background with Moretti’s pop ear.

Whether inspired by a sitar player in the streets of India, a hidden flamenco bar in Tokyo, or a brass band in New Orleans, Mia and Margot pull inspiration from their world travels, collecting field recordings to make samples for the tracks they create. The debut of their latest single “CLUB SODA” is exactly that – having been inspired by the Original Pinettes (the only all-female brass band from New Orleans.) You never know who might appear with CLUB SODA, an experience born of the same namesake. Tonight, we welcome you to Club Soda.

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