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The fun of any party is determined by the kind of music played, and if you are a DJ, you need to have a playlist that will put everybody on the dance floor. If you are planning for your next party DJ or not, you need to grab this carefully selected playlist to wow your … Continued

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Whether you are new to this or just decided to become a Dj, there are many essential factors you need to step into to fit into the world of DJing. Like every other skill out there, Djing requires robust equipment and a high level of knowledge to help practice better. Music is an art, and … Continued

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(DJ Career) Essential things you need to become a DJ

It requires effort and time to launch your DJ career. It’s simple to get started in the music industry however, standing out and being exceptional is difficult. Who is a DJ? The DJ title can be assigned to someone who plays a DJ set, usually at nightclubs or dance parties or a person who mixes … Continued

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(Pros and Cons) Should I hire a band or DJ?

Should I hire a band or DJ? Whether you’re throwing a wedding, business event or holiday party, the music you pick has a significant impact on the overall experience.  Your emotions and well-being are influenced by music. It can elevate people’s emotions, increase their energy levels, and create a serene environment. However, selecting the right entertainment … Continued

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What is the Cost of Hiring a Live Band for a Wedding in the USA?

For a live wedding band cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from $850+ per hour, depending on the quality of the performance and the band’s reputation. The entertainment part of the wedding ceremony is an interesting moment everyone gets to experience at a wedding ceremony. Entertainment includes games, jokes, love stories, music, and even … Continued

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Local Event Planning: How to successfully plan a live event

What is Event Planning? Event plan or Event planning is the process of designing and coordinating event outcome. It may be a single event or a series of events. Event planning is also called event management. What is The Job of an Event Producer? An Event Producer is responsible for managing the flow of special … Continued

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